Monday, March 10, 2008

More Wikiness

Well, I got my 'key' to the wiki and gave it a try! I felt a bit odd adding to the wiki as I wasn't sure how much to write - I chose the Circulation page to add to. I then changed the colour, style and size of the font to differentiate my bit from the other comments. I then changed the size of the font of the questions. I wasn't sure if I should do this, but I thought it looked better and anyone can change it back later - that's a wiki for you! I then had a look at the bottom of the page. I 'shared' the wiki (sent a link to it) to another email address. Then I found the 'history' bit where I could see the list of updates and who had made them. This seems very useful as I had concerns about version control with wikis and the impermanence of the content. I like the 'transparency' of the wiki within it's community. Wikis are like living things, in a way, not static like many other communication/information forms.

I found this picture of a 3D wiki in Second Life (NOT a game, I've read - the participants get annoyed if you call it a game apparently). What an interesting concept: a wiki with an extra dimension. Here is the link to the picture and caption with more links to relevant articles.

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