Friday, August 22, 2008

Label Clouds and Tag Clouds

At the behest of a fellow Learning 2.0 blogger who has been courageously delving into the various gadgets and widgets one might apply to one's blog, I tried adding a tag cloud. I was provided with the following link Being not afraid of HTML or even XHTML coding, I bravely added the relevant code and... nothing! It very quickly dawned on me that the reason for this was: no labels on my blog! It's pretty difficult to make a cloud from thin air, as it were. So I added some labels to my posts (which I had noted some fellow Learning 2.0 bloggers had done - those clever clogs!) and... voila! It worked this time. The only problem was that I had more of a tag row than tag cloud, so I will have to add some more labels to achieve the desired cloudy look for my tag or label grouping. It worked like a charm though: I clicked on my label 'Second Life' and my blog re-appeared showing only my postings with that label. I think a tag cloud on a library blog would be very useful to customers indeed as long as the content is there and the labelling is good.