Saturday, March 27, 2010

A mobile phone that's too smart for me

I had been relatively happy with my 'old' mobile phone but, due to the increasing pressure to text, put upon me by all those people with newer phones and newer attitudes who wouldn't actually ring me, I was having problems texting due to the tiny buttons and even tinier printed letters on each key, due to the main characters being Chinese characters (it's a long story). Then after a horrendously sweltering, endlessly long day and night at an outdoor music event, my phone suddenly seemed to have given up. Then began the slow and painful process of trawling through the phone shops, the online reviews, the YouTube demonstration videos, to try and decide what new phone to buy. A priority for me was a good digital camera, as I couldn't see the sense in buying a new camera AND a new phone. So in the end, it was between the Sony Ericsson Satio aka Idou and the Samsung M8910 because both had 12 megapixel cameras. They both had great features but in the end I chose the Satio as my previous phones have been Ericssons or Sony Ericssons and I have been happy with them.

It is a beautiful looking device, especially with the cherry red case and matching stylus I purchased for it. However, I am now discovering that, because I delayed upgrading my phone earlier, I am now several generations behind when it comes to understanding how these things work and what they can do. I have found it is not the most intuitive device but I have made a little progress since I got it. The instructions leaflet included is probably insufficient for someone of my limited phone experience, so it's a case of slowing reading up on and trying out each feature when time allows. It IS very lovely though and I think that, once I have worked it all out, we will have a great relationship.

Ironically, my old phone started working again perfectly AFTER I bought the new one.

Photo of Sony Ericsson Satio from:
Sony Ericsson

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